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Warner Brother Studio Tour London

At 20ten we create key visuals to announce new additions to the WBSTL, which can comprise of anything from props, new sets or new events. As a Potter fan myself when a brief comes in about a specific topic during research we run wild to find easter eggs and relevant imagery to excite true Potter fans. Our responses comprise of 3/4 visuals with their own stories and identities before one is chosen to be run across social, print, ad gates and the photo wall at the tour. Artwork is also rolled out throughout the tour for signage use, screens, photo ops and the passports.


My role is end to end, from initial brief, concepting, design and overseeing the roll out across print. For the most recent campaign 'Return to Azkaban' we we're lucky enough to also name the event and create the tagline.


Ideation, type design, key art, motion graphics ideation/ direction


Warner Brothers Studio Tour 


2022- Present


One of my first key art projects at 20ten was a brief for the new feature "Magical Mischief" and as a massive fan of the franchise I couldn't wait to create a unique design filled with features and easter eggs.

Inspired by the Weasley's Wheezes Box I created a bursting box of magical mischief, tying in all of the upcoming additions to the exhibition and showcasing relevant props including the pixies, fireworks, the letters and the invisible cloak.

There's a new set coming to the tour! It's time for fans to meet the notorious Mandrakes and hear the ear piercing screams! This time around we needed to feature our magical mandrakes and create an engaging animated poster.

Unlike the last feature we were posed with challenges, including the appearance of the mandrake and how to make an interesting landscape without deterring from the topic.  

It's the anniversary of the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, so its about time we return! We were tasked to create an easter egg filled key visual to alert our fans of the new sets and props arriving at the tour. This included the Divination Classroom and the DADA Classroom.

Whilst this visual was more set on the props rather than rooms, these alone created a lot of buzz in the community and a healthy amount of chatter and speculation, driving people back to the experience. 

At the tour! 

Selection of images of images from fans of the tour, showcasing where our artwork has been used, on print around the store and the photo op wall.