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Hi, I'm Alannah

Who I am 
Who I am 

I'm a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer with over 2 years freelance experience and over 3 years industry experience. I currently work in the film/ game advertising industry where I work on campaigns, social campaigns, branding, visual identities, branded deck designs, digital design and artworking. I am always keen to broaden my skillsets and have ventured into illustration and motion graphics, which works hand in hand with campaign ideation and capabilities. I collaborate with copywriters, producers, editors and freelancers on a day to day basis and work well within a team and independently. 

My Education

Chatham Grammar School for Girls 

Ravensbourne University, Graphic Design (Upper 2:1)

Things I have achieved 

Featured in Computer Arts Magazine (New Talent) with an honourable mention

Exhibiting at the V&A (Creative Conscious Award) 

Featured in Design Calendar Print Edition 


20Ten Creative - January 2021- Present

Reference: Dan Bacon

Working with clients such as Disney+, DisneyUK , Harper Collins Publishing, Warner Brothers Studio Tour,  Playstation and Curve.

FEREF- February 2019- December 2020

Reference: Tim Reeves  

Since working at Feref I've been working on many campaigns and projects for clients such as Disney, Paramount, Pathe, Universal and Sony Music. I have created Title Treatments for campaigns for Nick Jr and created a sub-brand identity for FilmBank Media, which was one of my first projects. Since then I have been creative lead for Trolls World Tour International Campaign and L.O.L Surprise Album Launch. I have been expanding my knowledge of artworking, Photoshop and After Effects. During lockdown I have taken on the responsibility of an in-house After Effects role which spans from 2D graphics and ad creation. 


Working at Feref has further developed my skills for creative thinking across multiple platforms and how campaigns need to have outputs for all markets. A large part of the role is conceptualisation and producing ideas for proposals across all platforms.

Wonderful Creative Agency- September 2018- Intern

Reference: Philip Hansen 

I spent 2 weeks at Wonderful Creative aiding the design time with projects such as Quandoo and RS PRO, along with brainstorming and creating concepts for branding campaigns. I gained experience in art working for print, working with large scale print specs and how to scale down artworks. Most importantly I gained experience working within a studio with a collection of designers and an understanding of how a design agency functions.

Roff & Co. - January 2017- January 2020

Reference: Kevin Taylor

In 2017 I was contacted by a digital marketing  company based in Kent when they found my work on instagram. Where I was hired to redesign their visual identity. From then I have become their resident Graphic Designer for many of their clients, creating and extending visual languages and logo creation. A couple of clients have included Maco Ltd. , Sensory Guru and Macknade. I have worked on projects for clients ranging from web design, PR pieces print design and editorial design. My most recent client Macknade has been print based across large scale signage through to children's menus and developing their brand guidelines. 

My Personal Skills 

Highly motivated to complete work to the highest standard, I can work both collaboratively and individually during projects and have experience working with editors, motion graphic designers, copywriters and producers. I am always willing to learn new skills, if needed, during a project or learn in my own spare time to improve my programme skills. 

My Tech Skills 

Highly skilled in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. I also use Adobe After Effects and dabble in Premiere Pro. I am proficient in both Powerpoint and Keynote for presentation design. 

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