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Bic Bulk Pack Designs 

In 2022 we were tasked to create the new bulk pack design for BIC, with the direction that our target audience should be female swayed from 11-65 years old. From the initial ideation we created 20 moodboards with themes and ideas for a range of audiences along with the featured group. From unicorns to sport and rainbows to neon arrows. 

Once final routes were chosen we defined and customised the designs to balance the target audience age, which included sport, dream whales, neon arrows and unicorns. These routes also needed to be extended into 3 pen designs and pop off the packs. 


Iconography, Illustration, Design






Before we landed on the Dream Whales as our key image, we narrowed down our designs to topics surrounding foliage, star signs, sport and neon graphic, which are all on trend with our target audience.

We utilised a lot of different styles in our routes, whilst still keeping in 

mind the BIC brand, the audience and the final medium.


Along with the main background graphic we generated 3 unique pen designs, per route, to make the packs more desirable and a "once in a life time purchase".

Design experiments/ alts of graphics and pen designs.


Final Design 

The brightly coloured design popped off the shelves and also showcased the bright orange BIC banner.

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