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Dead Island 2 

With the first game being released almost 10 years ago, Dead Island 2 is a hugely anticipated game by fans then and now! We were tasked to create an immersive activation to launch the game along with scripted hero edits for brand channels. The concept of Melee Madness was born from the games unique hand combat fighting style, utalising axes and everyday objects as weapons.


My role as lead designer was broad and spread across creating the look and feel for branded material, curating and designing the venue interior and storyboarding the hero video. The branded material included designing influencer invites, graphics for the event and themed props for the venue. Curating the venue included prop selection and creating bespoke pieces for the event space, included a custom made surfboard sign and a missing wall poster. We really wanted to pull elements from the game into the real world, such as the work bench, LA map and flamingos.


It was my first time completing and all round project as a lead designer and it was incredibly rewarding to see it come together.


Storyboarding, Art Direction, Design, Campaign, Activation






The main deliverable of this project was a hero video for brand channels, which showed off our talent and excited fans to by transporting them to the Dead Island universe.

To convey the characters and the hand combat we worked in tandem with a sketch artist to craft and script out our Di2 characters to tell a compelling story of a survival camp.


The Outcome

The final deliverables for this campaign stretched far and wide! With over 80+ organic posts and an estimated 830,000 reach. With our hero content reaching 1.3 Million views on brand and 1 Million organic. 


The set was hand crafted to replicate and channel the world of Hell-A, by creating the notorious crafting table and designing and creating a custom surf board which felt like it popped right out of the game. 

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