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Curve Games

At 20ten we create key art designs and logos for Curve Games, which covers a vast expanse of genres. Two notable projects I worked on was “Dungeons of Hinterberg” and “Kitbash Model Club” where my logos were rolled out across the launch of both games. 


Logo Design, Ideation, Styling


Curve Games




Dungeons of Hinterberg is an action RPG where you go on a holiday to the alps where you enter dungeons to slay creatures and solve puzzles. The brief was to create a logo which had a tech feel whilst still giving a sense of adventure, th e inspiration in the brief was The Ledgend of Zelda. 


For Kitbash Model Club we also created the key art but for the logo they wanted something that would be readable at all sizes and to give a clear message about the game theme, as there was some confusion for fans that it was just a flight sim. 

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