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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Every year Jeff Kinney releases a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book to add to the collection. We were tasked to create 30 second videos to launch the new books using the synopsis as a base for the theming. The video is created to get children excited for the new adventure whilst keeping the storyline wide open for them to read for themselves. 

My role in these 2 book releases involved ideation of routes, styling, copywriting and storyboarding. Once a route was chosen I worked along side editors and voice artists to bring the vision to life with music, graphics and a killer voiceover to match.


Design, storyboarding, animation styling




2022- Present

The first release I worked on was Diper Overlode, which had a distinct styling and vibe of punk rock. Diper Overlode band had also featured in the movie so there was a lot of inspiration.

For my two routes I focussed on two different styles, a polished 3D instrument execution and the other a grunge down and dirty paper tear scrapbook style.

Last year "No Brainer" was the latest release in the DOAWK series, with a plot being based around a school shut down and trying to save it! 

The challenge for this topic was trying to keep the messaging positive whilst still getting the storyline across and keeping it visually interesting. 

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