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Topshop Topman

Student Campaign Concept


Campaign concept 



Test brief provided by TSTM to create a visual language for a student campaign. 




I have decided to focus on student individuality as during my research realised that student culture isn’t as black and white as it used to be. No two students are the same, everyone follows their own trend and has their own sense of style. So by making a modular toolkit for a campaign meant that a wider target audience than your 'typical uni student'.


I wanted to create a visual language that was interactive and individual to each student, the interactive element would also create a social buzz, where students live their lives. I would launch the campaign on instagram where students can post using the Icons that represent their style and have a chance to appear on TSTM story or their page. Further broadcasting the company. 

CONCEPT: #topshopmyway #mystudentstyle #mytstm #TSTMstudentstyle 


Students can create their own personal identity

Created a solo campaign.

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