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App Concept & Design

Personal Project


I have a love for anything pets, so in my downtime I was thinking is there an easier way to gain data on pets likability, portray there personality and make the experience a bit more personal rather than a catalog on animals on a scroll sight. I was looking through battersea's website and I came up with the idea inspired by tinder. Giving pets their own voice and personality, an algorithm that could show you your type of dog first or even randomise. 


This would also give the home amazing information on their dogs popularity and where they can make them more likeable, or have them show up first. I also wanted to make it even more personal by having an automated chat where the future pet owner can ask from an array of questions for an automated response, but if they wanted something more specific you could go through to a live chat with an employee. 

As for the name and logo I wanted something light hearted and fun, I wanted to portray a way of searching or hunting, so the word ' SNIFF ' came to mind as it applies to most pets. They SNIFF to find food, to figure out another human and smell to find their owner. I also applied the new Battersea branding throughout so it would tie with their new trendy look and feel. 

To further expand on successes I have seen on platforms, I wanted to create a page of successes and show how well an owner and their pet have clicked and how they have got on since leaving the home. I thought that this was a nice personal touch because who doesn't like to see an animal living their best second chance. 

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