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Asset Creation


Asset Creation 

Ive been working with Macknade to create assets for social, print and at the location itself. Ive had a mixture of briefs ranging from large scale signs, packaging, layout design, menu and brochure design. 

I was given their brand guidelines as a starting point for my designs, following their use of typeface and shapes. Through out the design process I was able to develop new assets and create a more modern feel to certain briefs whilst still maintaining their look and feel. 

Various Projects Include:

Large Scale Roadside Sign

- I needed to create a sign that would be eye-catching by the side of the road, I chose a colour that wasn't in their original guidelines as none of these were working on the sign. They weren't punchy enough and blended in with the environment. Therefore I chose this mustard/ yellow colour which sat within their colour range which stood out on the busy road.


Logo for 40th Year Celebrations 

- I was give the task to create a logo using typography for their 40th Year celebrations, I created this using a font not in their guidelines as I tested the font 'Quicksand' which did not work with the design, it looked cheap and pieced together. 

Childrens Activity Sheet and Menu 

- Macknade already had a children's menu design but they wanted it updated front and back with new interactive games for kids and a recipe page. Previously the recipe page was cupcakes, which gave children the opportunity to decorate their own on the sheet. I wanted to follow this concept of DIY and chose to create a pizza recipe and create your own. With the help of 'the reading fairy' we simplified a recipe and the games for children of a certain age range. 

Page layouts for print and social use

- Created simple layouts following the brand guidelines, 1/4, 1/2 and full page ad templates which were also used for social post announcements.  

Trifold Leaflet design and brochure 

Belly Band for panettone packaging 

- For the design I was given the brief of snowflakes and the colour red, from this I created 4 options, one being the first request and the others designs I believe would work for packaging with a 'festive' theme. The chosen design was the snowflake pattern, enlarged and extended to the dimensions of the belly band.

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