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Le Mans '66

Campaign Activation 

Le Mans '66

Project Name

This Project was a collaboration between Feref and Nibbs Events. 

The idea was a 24 hour activation for influencers to promote the film across Europe. The challenge was for each pair on influencers to drive from their home locations to the Le Mans track in France. My role was to create the social assets and car graphics for the event. 

I created Top Trumps cards to introduce each pair and their country, with statistics based around driving which the audience would find interesting. At first I decided to create two routes of realism and graphical to match the theming of 60s design, which is the one that was chosen. This theme continued throughout the graphics, including the live updates. 

As for the car decals, the look and feel was to go for the race car look, with all the advertising pasted around like its on the track. This made them noticeable on the go and allowed for MAXIMUM exposure of the movie itself. 

These designs were posted on the influencers social pages and across 20th Century Foxes channels in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. 

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