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Anti Social Pharmacy 

Exhibition Design 

Anti Social Pharmacy



To create an interactive piece for an exhibition environment to evoke a reaction.


Instead of going with the easy route of ' Laughter' or ' Fun' I really wanted to do something with a bit more meaning. Through research and my love of Black Mirror, I was inspired by the ' Nose Dive ' concept with social media. So from that, I came up with the idea of an ' Anti Social Pharmacy which focused on addiction to social media. In the exhibition, the user was thrusted into a pharmaceutical environment where they prescribe themselves medication through answering questions. At the end, they would be told which phase of addiction they were and a helpful tip to decrease their addiction.  I felt that this was a way to tackle an issue and tell a story rather than just looking at something, you really had to think about your online habits and what they do to you as a person. 

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